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Baste, Basting, To BasteTo moisten foods during cooking or grilling with fats or seasoned liquids to add flavor and prevent drying. You must be very careful when basting meat and poultry with pan juices...

welsh rabbit

Welsh Rabbit

Welsh Rabbit / Welsh RarebitWelsh Rarebit / Welsh Rabbit: is a dish made with a savoury sauce of melted cheese and various other ingredients, served hot, after being poured over slices of toasted bread,...

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Toss, Tossed, Tossing Toss, Tossed, Tossing: Is to combine ingredients lightly by lifting and dropping them using two utensils so that ingredients are all evenly distributed throughout the dish.



The Culinary Dictionary Definition of the Day! Quiche Traditional Quiche is a savoury, open pastry crust, although you see a lot of ‘crust less’ quiche recipes these days, with a filling made with eggs...

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DressedFish or game that has had guts (viscera) removed. In the case of fish, gills are removed, the cavity is cleaned, and the head and fins remain intact. The scales may or may not...


The Culinary Dictionary Definition of the Day! Infuse: To steep as you would a tea bag in hot water, or heat gently to extract flavor. Or other various method for example putting a fresh...



Garnish Garnish is to add visual appealing element to a finished dish. Solely for presentation purposes, but can be an edible accent to the plate. Some chefs use a rule of thumb that if...

baking powder leavener

Baking Powder

  Baking powder is a combination of dry acid, baking soda, and starch that has the ability to release carbon dioxide in two stages: when liquid ingredients are added and when the mixture is...

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