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The Cook’s Club.com is actually a “spin-off” of a previous website which operated as The Potluck Cook’s Club, which was another “spin-off” of the original website which was The Internet Chef originating around the mid 1990’s.

Through all previous generations or versions of websites, regardless of their title, the ultimate goal always stayed the same. That goal being to bring folks that shared the same passion of and for cooking together in an online community.  The aim for the community was to share recipes, ideas, tips and tricks and all things culinary.

 But as so often happens, real life intervenes and the  time is just not available to grow and sustain a thriving community. Hence the 2 previous attempts at this project. Now, nearly 22 years later. Life has settled down, the time is plenty and we’re ready to give it the old college try. After all don’t they say “third time pays for all” ?

So, we hope that you (our secret ingredient) will join us and contribute your own recipes, discuss ideas, share your own tips and tricks and help to develop, grow and sustain a thriving online community. This is YOUR club, and there are so many amazing people out there to be met. Thank you!

P.S We appreciate and value your feedback and suggestions, so please feel free to submit them using the form provided ↓

Or by department as follows:

Managing Editor (The Big Boss)

Forum Moderator (For Issues / Suggestions, regarding the Food Forums)

Recipe Submissions (For help with ANY content submissions)

Shop Operations (For any questions regarding the Web Shop / Listing Your Own Items)

Advertising On Our Site (Inquiries may be made here)

Community Relations (For general customer service. This is Peter’s dept. so limit it to items that are not too complicated…)



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